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  4. Hello everyone I would like to sign up for the RP, but not sure of where to do so.Can some help me please.

    1. Rogue_Snowball


      Hello @Tanka, The Family Rp server is currently white-list only. There is a public server in the works, however, there is no current ETA on when it will be available. As of right now the only way to be white-listed is through an application process which is currently closed for review of the first wave of applicants. There is also no ETA when phase two of applications will open back up. Feel free to post in the forums in the meantime. Welcome to the family! #WeNotMe

    2. Rogue_Snowball


      Also, it's better to post your questions in the forums instead of as a status. Only people who check/follow your profile or go through the All Activity search can see what you post here

    3. Tanka


      Oh ok thank's @Rogue_Snowball ..  I'm still learning how to get around on the Family site. 

  5. “A weed is but an unloved flower.”
    ― Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  6. Open budget - October 2017

    TheFamilyRP is a strong believer of having an open record of all expenses and how your donations are spent. The Family RP is a community run for enjoyment and not profit, we will never accept more money than is required for the general upkeep of servers and also purchasing new boxes to play on. We've now agreed on with will keep a maximum of 1 month + 1 in donations so we can pay/continue to run servers even if they have different invoice dates during the month. Less information about our infrastructure as we grow is now on these sheets, this is purely down to how we're using tech to get the best out of the servers and uptime/availability. Apologise for the delay and renaming of next months goal, this is down to upgrading the app and not tweaking the copy defaults http://bit.ly/2yv6UpA
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  8. Administrative direction

    Hello Everyone, As per a meeting held last night, we discussed up coming roles and requirements as a member of the administrative team moving forward. As you may well know many of the admins are content creators as well as managing other things and events too. The conversation was held and people who felt they cannot give as much time as they’d like towards the community and issues we face. All admins on the team were asked if they feel they have enough time and are still ok of being a member of the admin team. As of today the following admins have stepped down from their positions; SheriffEli ClassyPax Timmac Pinky All of these guy’s still hold the role of council and will input on issues and discussion across the family. On top of this we held a discussion of who would be a good fit for the role of administration and has time to input on issues/development as we proceed. We would like to welcome LawDog to the team!
  9. I'm better than you at Rocket League.

    1. TheKodah


      Yeaaaahhhh Right!! <3

  10. Applications are now closed

    Messaging people about your application will lead to it being rejected without review.
  11. Please find a copy of the Press release below; https://docs.google.com/document/d/10jQ7cjs0Vb8c3uw5WkLAWM4kBqRh4LRiwlP44LVIXKU/
  12. Applications are now closed

    Wave one is now closed. Thank you
  13. Applications are now closed

    Wave one will close by tonight, this is due to the sheer number of apps we will stage this. Thanks
  14. Can't wait till the public servers are up! I have considered applying for the regular RP server, but it's way too scary!

  15. 2FA

    Hello, Seems we exceeded what Authy allows in under fair use of being free! I have disabled this and now enabled Google's 2FA, this one can be added to ANY of your Authentication apps.
  16. Applications are now closed

    Please note we will probably let the apps build up for a bit then close and review. This may take us a while to get through too.
  17. Are you a roleplayer who is wanting to join the Family RP? Applications are now open; Apply within: https://thefamilyrp.com/forms/3-public-whitelist-application WAVE ONE IS NOW CLOSED We will be reviewing all applications in the coming weeks
  18. Wow, just hit 200 posts!

  19. Hey whats up! my name is jordan and im new here but i really would like to roleplay as a cop as i have been in Law Enforcement for 4 years.

  20. I am a active gamer.

    New in the RP but very serious about it.

    Trying to stay in character every minute.

  21. Ugh, I hate that I can't edit my posts! Messed up my copy pasta lol

  22. Ready to copy and pasta at any moment! :P

  23. Applying to the The Family RP Team

    Reaching out to you applicants will be a continuous process, and we may reach out to you over time if we don't get back to you very soon. We have only reached out to a fraction of the people we'd like to potentially involve, so don't feel bad if you haven't heard from us by now. If we haven't reached out to you yet it does not necessarily mean you were worse than other applicants; making these kinds of decisions is not easy. We could also have not gotten to your category yet (e.g. we have not gone over you graphic designers yet.) We also haven't reached out to everybody we do want to talk to. I will leave this form up. You are very welcome to keep applying, and we will have a look from time to time.
  24. Hello.

    I'm new here.

  25. Applying to the The Family RP Team

    I would like to thank you all for your applications so far. Overall, we are very happy with the quality of applicants. Applications will remain open for some additional time. We are looking to move forward with a couple of applicants relatively soon.
  26. A little thing about me is that i'm looking for a great fivem server that has really been worked on. I also want to start my twitch around RPing. i have a very small youtube channel waiting to expand. another thing is to get attached to. Get involved with what family rp is doing.

    1. TigerSharkHD


      What is the name of your YouTube channel?

    2. drfoxrage59
    3. drfoxrage59


      small channel have not really put anything on there.

  27. We are now accepting further applications to the TFRP Team. We are looking for people with four different skillsets: Developer (C#) Developer (C++) Network Engineer Graphic Designer The form will give you further details about the different positions. https://goo.gl/forms/a4MhgaRvKj5NFmtf1
  28. "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles."

    - Charlie Chaplin

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