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  7. 0.1.5

    General: Add /unmask which allows you to remove accessories from the face of someone else while they are incapacitated or cuffed. Vehicle wheels now lock in place on driver exit. Fix issue where players are AFK kicked right after creating their character. LEO/EMS: /repair now acts as a repair kit Cuffing is no longer instant, and has a delay where the player can get away.
  8. JessCreates

  9. SilentSentry

  10. Classypax

  11. 0.1.4k

    General: Disable pistol whipping Disable texts while in jail Disable sending texts while downed Disable accessories while downed Bugs: Potential fix for spawning multiple personal vehicles Fix for floating weapon when armed and killed inside a vehicle
  12. Hippiebeard

  13. Huckleberry

  14. shaboyjay

  15. 0.1.4j

    Businesses: Velum exchanged for Velum2 Added fix to force occupant(s) from aircraft before storing Added and fixed various overlays for Blazing Tattoo Vehicle (previous patch but left out of notes): Added business vehicle shop Added business vehicle garage Fixed issue with vehicle being fixed when parked
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  20. 0.1.4i

    Businesses: Added Greenwell Skies Added ZZTop Flight Tours & Taxi Service General: Increased cost of black market doctor to $10000
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