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  9. 0.1.2

    General: Add probation system. /probation while on probation to check time remaining Add a gate manager which has customizable control over gates/doors Add Blue's Booze Processing and Delivery Add /anonad which charges $100 for an anonymous advertisement Add new emotes Add props to various animations such as consumption of items and emotes Add Nautical GPS item purchasable at the Hardware Store. Provides Latitude, Longitude, Bearing, and Depth Fix issue where players triggered Aggravated Assault Calls as witnesses Fix fivem server crash during a large queue Adjust a lot of emotes to be accessible to both genders now Adjust courthouse proximity and interaction menu Adjust emote keybinds to now depend on the character. This will reset all your current emote keybinds Adjust the queue for optimization Vehicle: Add more custom vehicles Add more vehicles to dealerships Add /anchor command for boats Add inventories to a couple of vehicles missing inventories Fix issue with custom model vehicles not being spawned in when purchased or from garage Police/EMS: Add probation system Add more locks around the Police Department Add /duty off to change back to your civ clothes Add ambulance2 to vehicle pool for EMS Fix health amount via /revive when executed by LEO Fix issue where police cannot store/drop weapons in their inventories Fix issue with 911 and 311 calls not showing up/being able to respond *Note: Don't make a bug report about emote props disappearing, this is gta as far as we know.
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  11. Launcher 1.4.8

    -10 Codes! - Menu option added to display all the common and full list of used 10 codes, list dynamically adjusts for the size / shape of the window. This screen also includes a 24 hour clock based in EST time.
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  13. Launcher 1.4.7

    -Fix for users on alt characters not correctly updating their Opt in/out status for reserved slots.
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