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  1. MY DUDE PUTTING IN WORK! Thank you for all the time and effort you put in.

    1. Rogue_Snowball


      No problem at all. I love the community that has been built here and wholeheartedly believe in the principles on which it was founded on. A few others along with myself try to be as active as we can to help others and share the love. I appreciate the thanks

    2. Sean


      Rogue is everywhere, honestly. I hate repeating information so whenever he posts, I get to sit there and brood. ¬¬ Haha.

  2. Community Meeting for TheFamilyRP is scheduled for 12:00EST on Saturday, July 22, 2017. To prevent getting off-topic, we are sticking to a strict format of two-hours and submitting questions though a google form ( here: On Discord ) so we can catergorize and be able to answer the most questions as possible. We do ask that the meeting not be streamed, but for transparency we will be recording the meeting on Teamspeak and uploading it for people who can't make the meeting.
  3. Server Rules

    This is a living document, check back for changes regularly Basic Rules: Derogatory remarks about: race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. whether it be in RP, on the forums, etc. is not allowed. Role-playing sexual assault (non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed. No Metagaming - Metagaming is defined as: Using external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of gameplay. ‘Stream sniping’ is also not allowed. No Power gaming - Power gaming is defined as: Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. No RDM. Both parties need to know the justified reason for the deadly action that is about to/may occur. No Exploiting. Farming AFK jobs, abusing in-game bugs, etc. Combat logging is prohibited. This includes using /respawn while involved in an RP situation. Logging out of the server to avoid incarceration, or an RP situation is not allowed. There will be no acceptance of real money in exchange for in game advantages or actions. Characters must be 18+ only. This is a mature server, while there will be no ERP, there are adult themes present. Only the person playing the character can decide if they wish to perma. You can not force anyone into killing off there character but it should make RP sense. As we realize this server is featured predominately on Twitch and Youtube, we do ask that all players refrain from talking about other streamers on stream. We want to promote a positive environment within the server as well as out of it. If this rule is repeatedly broken, you face punishment. In-Game Rules: Entering the military base is prohibited. Stealing military vehicles is prohibited, including but not limited to: tanks, fighter jets, infantry transport vehicles, UAZ’s, military fuel tankers, cargobobs, and armed military helicopters. Entering the Mission Row Police Department ‘detention area’ is prohibited without police approval. Entering Boilingbroke Penitentiary without being sentenced is strictly prohibited with the exception of LEOs, EMS, Lawyers and Therapists. If there are no police online, player to player crimes, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc., should not be abused. If you are caught doing so you will be banned. Cop baiting is not allowed. DO NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation. Guns that spawn in police vehicles are to be immediately dropped, and anyone caught holding weapons will be punished. Out of Game Rules: All out of character issues that occur such as rule breaks, drama or anything that is out of line needs to be brought up on the forums in the complaint section or to a staff member as soon as possible. If you are in an active situation, let the rp scenario continue then report it later on. Commands: The help chat (/ooc) is for help only; no social chat. it is also to be considered out of character. /me command must be used for roleplay purposes and the way game mechanics are. This command can also be used to express something that cannot be said through words like expressing inner thoughts. Temp Server Commands: Clothing store to change character models and clothing Money used to show in top right corner, not currently displayed F1 = UI in-game menu F2 - Hands above head F3 - Hands on head Z = player list N (or whatever you've binded) = speak in-game BackSpace - Hazard Lights Left Arrow & Right Arrow - Turn signals T = chat /ooc /911 - For EMS / Police https://thefamilyrp.com/topic/29-beginners-guide-to-the-temp-server/#comment-1384 To Be Determined Rules: Stronger Revive Debts - IF EMS ONLINE 10k - 15 minutes to respawn - NO MEDICS 400 - 5k Possible cap on debts to the state? 15 Traffic Tickets = Loss of Licenses, ticket degrading tbd 1-2months.