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  1. 0.1.3a

    -Fixes to custom assets Added stolen goods heist Usage: Use crowbar in front of location and press Control.Context ( E ) to start mini-game Use arrow keys while in minigame to cancel Press Control.Context ( E ) on location with broken doors to retrieve stolen goods Press Control.Context ( E ) while carrying stolen goods to drop them or store them in the back of a Pony vehicle. Press Control.Context ( E ) in the back of a Pony vehicle to retrieve stored stolen goods. Press Control.Context ( E ) while carrying stolen goods to sell them /searchstolengoods to check vehicle for stolen goods
  2. Launcher / FiveM (Custom) 1.5.0

    Introducing FamilyRP's custom FiveM Client, with this, it will enable us to do a few custom things: -Separate install for FRP only, which will allow us to further customize the user experience without affecting your ability to reach other non-FRP FiveM servers. -Remove aspects that will accidentally show the IP, reducing the risk of IP leaks on stream -FiveM no longer sits a few minutes at the home screen before connecting to the server -Add various unannounced features coming in 5 (tm) PLEASE NOTE: This is a _separate_ install of FiveM, which means you will need to reinstall your Map/Vision mods in the new folder, this will be in %appdata%\FiveM-FRP and must remain in this folder for the launcher. You can open the launcher, which will prompt you to download and install the new version of FiveM, and click Folders > FiveM to easily reach this folder. Please use https://thefamilyrp.com/forum/98-questions-and-answers/ with any questions, as I'm sure there will be many, and many duplicate ones. Be aware first install of the custom client might not connect to the server, close it and relaunch again. ----------------- Steps to install: 1) Update the Launcher to 1.5.0 (should happen automatically) 2) Launch it, it will prompt you to download the custom FiveM client, click Yes 3) Click Launch, this will download all the FiveM files again, close it when complete (You get to the FiveM home screen) 4) In the launcher, clock Open Folders > FiveM, reinstall any custom maps/vision addons 5) Click Launch again, and it should auto launch FiveM-FRP, and auto connect to the server. Final Notes / got'cha's When connecting to the server, you may see a bit longer delay in the loading, this is normal. Your character may take awhile to load. This has to do with the game re-downloading assets. You may get stuck at the pre-map screen when you connect to the server the first time. If you are at that screen for a few minutes, close fivem and try again. Other troubleshooting steps in white list discussions
  3. Launcher 1.4.8

    -10 Codes! - Menu option added to display all the common and full list of used 10 codes, list dynamically adjusts for the size / shape of the window. This screen also includes a 24 hour clock based in EST time.
  4. Launcher 1.4.7

    -Fix for users on alt characters not correctly updating their Opt in/out status for reserved slots.
  5. 0.1.1C

    This release does not contain any new features, but adds fixes for: -Fix issue with having "ghost weapons" appear on you but not in your inventory -Fixes to badges, hair, and tattoos -Fixes to /allowentry -Internal logging changes/misc
  6. 0.1.1b

    This release does not contain any new features, but adds fixes for: -Warp points for businesses (x2) -Taxi fare radius Reminder please keep using /bugreport when you see issues, as we're using these reports to gather more information on another issue.
  7. 0.1.1a

    This release does not contain any new features, but adds fixes for: -Company owned vehicles repair functions -/Bugreport will gather more data to track an ongoing issue with Duty, please make sure you're using /bugreport <description> in game if you see an issue. -Inventory fixes
  8. Launcher 1.4.3-1.4.5

    -This should fix an issue in the updating engine (Squirrel) causing a mutex to leak
  9. Launcher

    -Fixed an issue where launcher would keep re-logging in when it really didn't need to, causing 2 requests being sent. This will now only send 1 request to update IP in the firewall system again.
  10. 0.0.8B

    General: Various bug fixes, nothing specific, largely back end functions
  11. 0.0.8a

    General: Fixed repair kits Fixed business vehicle keys Known Issues: Moded vehicles are coming out without their mods, we are aware of this and working towards a solution
  12. LEO Apps Status: Open EU

    HIRING STATUS: OPEN for EU The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and Los Santos Police Department are hiring full time Deputies/Officers. We strive to hire individuals who share our values and are driven to make a difference in the community. Applicants whose experience, skills and qualifications match our "Hire the Best" criteria will be invited to an interview, where you will then proceed into our academy for training. If you are interested in joining, ensure you meet all of our requirements below. Requirements: Been whitelisted in the community for at least 2 months. (IRL LEO experience can skip this requirement) Have a good standing within the community. (Haven't been kicked or banned by admins, community complaints etc..) Have a working microphone. Have a clean criminal record on the character you are applying with. Can play at least 10 hours a week. Conditions of Employment: You must play during the timezone you applied for. Applications do not have to be made in character, but the more effort you put into your application the higher chance you will be contacted for an interview and proceed to the next stages of hiring. One sentence answers do not impress and get denied for lack of effort, we recommend a lot of effort to stand out from the rest and show us this is something you really want. If you meet all of our requirements, you can submit an application HERE! Thank you all for your interest and good luck everyone!