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  1. 0.1.3c

    Police: Added /sv 19 and /sv20 for the police transport van and prison bus General: Added machete to tool store Added black market doctor behind Animal Ark
  2. Server Rules

    Basic Rules: Derogatory remarks about: race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. whether it be in RP, on the forums, etc. is not allowed. Role-playing sexual assault (non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed. No Metagaming - Metagaming is defined as: Using external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of gameplay. ‘Stream sniping’ is also not allowed; you cannot be in someone’s stream while you and that person are on the server. No recorded footage of any kind is to be used in-character unless approved by an admin. LEO are the only players that have the ability to use body and dash cam footage in-character. No Power gaming - Power gaming is defined as: Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. This includes using third party software or hardware (monitor) to draw a crosshair or dot on your screen. No RDM. Both parties need to know the justified reason for the deadly action that is about to/may occur. Engagement between parties prior to firing is required. Do not use macros to farm jobs and do not AFK jobs that utilize a timed payout system. Do not exploit any bug or glitch. If you are found to be abusing a bug to your advantage your access to the server will be terminated. Combat logging is prohibited. This includes using /respawn while involved in an RP situation. Logging out of the server to avoid incarceration, or an RP situation is not allowed. If you disconnect unintentionally during a RP situation, do your best to get back to that circumstance and continue the RP. This includes medical situations. There will be no acceptance of real money in exchange for in game advantages or actions. Characters must be 18+ only. This is a mature server, while there will be no ERP, there are adult themes present and adult language used. Torture is a sensitive subject and therefore approval from the victim must be obtained beforehand. Only the person playing the character can decide if they wish to perma. You can not force anyone into killing off their character. The same goes for torture and/or mutilation - only the victim can decide the lasting effects, if any. As we realize this server is featured predominantly on Twitch and Youtube, we do ask that all players refrain from talking about other streamers and community members on stream. We want to promote a positive environment within the server as well as out of it. If this rule is repeatedly broken, you will no longer be welcome to play on the server. Do not direct message / private message the developers. They are busy and doing so will result in a temporary ban from the community. Use the appropriate forums to contact them. You must be in the Discord to play on the whitelisted server. If you are using a separate discord to organize things. you must have an admin of TFRP present in said discord with access to all text channels and documentation. They will be there as an observer. This rule is for crews, gangs, and businesses specifically. In-Game Rules: Entering the military base and aircraft carrier is strictly prohibited. Stealing military vehicles is prohibited, including but not limited to: tanks, fighter jets, infantry transport vehicles, UAZ’s, military fuel tankers, cargobobs, and armed military helicopters. Entering the Mission Row Police Department ‘detention area’ is prohibited without police approval. Entering Boilingbroke Penitentiary without being sentenced is strictly prohibited with the exception of LEOs, EMS, Lawyers and Therapists. You may have only 1 character involved in an individual gang / business storyline at a given time. If you are involved with multiple gangs and their storylines interact, you must choose one to continue forward until the storyline is resolved. The sharing of information between characters belonging to the same user is prohibited. The focus of RP should be roleplaying with others rather than playing all the roles yourself. If there are no police online, player to player crimes, such as kidnapping, robbery, etc., should not be abused. An example of this would be going on a ‘strong arm’ robbery spree with no LEOs online. Cop baiting is not allowed. DO NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation. If you are using any form of communication outside of game mechanics (Discord, Teamspeak, 3-way calling) you need to double bind your push to talk key. Anything you say via 3rd party communication program needs to be transmitted in-game. All out of character issues that occur such as rule breaks, drama or anything that is out of line needs to be brought up on the forums in the complaint section or to a staff member as soon as possible. If you are in an active situation, let the rp scenario continue then report it later on. Wearing any law enforcement or EMS clothing marked with 'Trooper', 'SASP, 'Badges', 'EMS' or 'SAEMS' as a civilian is prohibited. Such as hats, helmets, jackets, shirts and the black pants with the white stripe. The server will be running EUP mod, which will add clothing options to the store for law enforcement and EMS to better customize their characters so we no longer have clones of officers. When using a truck to kidnap another player, do not use the vehicle to execute them and do not use the trunk to grief them. This feature is intended to move the kidnapped player from A to B. Not as a means of execution or trolling. Commands: The help chat (/ooc) is for help only; no social chat, no calling other players out. It is considered out of character and using information from it is considered ‘Meta-gaming’. /me command must be used for roleplay purposes and the way game mechanics are. This command can also be used to express something that cannot be said through words like showing facial expressions, actions that don’t have an emote, or details of a situation that would otherwise be unable for players to detect.
  3. 0.0.2

    Bugs: Fixed an issue where peds that DC'd inside character creator would become AI Fixed vehicle shop fail messages being sent globally Character editor show invisible models Player count showing incorrectly Clothing: Clothing price reduce from $100 -> $25 Clothing store purchases are saved and now carry over to future sessions Economy: Fix pricing issues with drug peddling Inventory: Fix for every player inventory not updating when a player is in the character select LEO: All Job vehicles license plates come back as being owned to the person who rented them Stolen car reporting logic has been adjusted Command /sv police spawned cars give the player keys Vehicle: Added inventory capacity check. Vehicles can no longer store more items than what they have capacity for. Changed Hazards keybinds to alt + backspace Fix engine logic issues On vehicle enter, hold Control.Enter (F) to turn the engine on, tap F to not change engine state On vehicle exit, hold F to turn the engine off, tap F to not change engine state Vehicles now stall when spinning out at high speeds
  4. Timothy Dexter

  5. Player Reports / Appeals Guidelines: Player Reports (https://thefamilyrp.com/forum/102-player-reports/) A player may submit a report against another player via the forums if they feel a server rule has been broken. Once a player report is submitted, only the council and the person who filed the report will be able to view it. A council member will review the validity of the report and respond by either accepting or rejecting it. If a report is rejected, it will undergo one final review by the admin team before being dismissed entirely. The reporting party will be notified of the rejection and the reasoning behind it. If a report is accepted, a council member will open the report to be viewed by the reported party so that they can present their side of the situation. The admins will then advise whether mediation will occur or if they have enough information from the report to make a decision. The first step of every accepted report is going to be the admin team scheduling a mandated 15-minute minimum voice discussion between both parties, mediated by a council member. Failure to attend or take part in this discussion may have negative effects on the outcome of the report. We’re all adults here and should be able to try to talk things out first. If the report is still active after the discussion between both parties, a council member will assess the situation, summarize the events, and recommend a punishment to the admin team. The admin team will consider both the report and the council members recommendation when making their decision. If a report is rejected, admins will provide the reasoning behind the decision to both players and council member. If a report is accepted, a punishment will be applied according to the council members recommendation and several categories as outlined below: Reported infraction Previous report history and the amount of time since their last punishment, i.e. is this a recurring problem? General attitude during the player report process Punishments will range from loss of in-game privileges (job/business) to a temporary or permanent ban – depending on the infraction. If a report is accepted, admins will provide a summary of the findings to only the involved parties. Appeals A player may appeal any punishment that is at least 7 days in length. After receiving a punishment, a player has 1 opportunity to file an appeal. To do so, they must wait a minimum of 72 hours before filing an appeal via the forums. This will allow all parties involved the time to step away from the issue and reflect. An appeal will first be heard and decided by council members. Once a decision has been reached, they will submit their findings to the admin team to either accept or reject. A successful appeal will result in a reduction of the length of the punishment.
  6. 12/16/2017 12:00p EST We are pleased to announce the official release of the Family RP server. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each person on the team and this release is due entirely to their arduous work the past several months. I hope everyone takes the time to send them thanks and appreciation for helping to build this world for all of you to enjoy. Thanks for sticking with us until the end, we hope you enjoy what has been put together by an amazing group of people. Current Development Team Blcd Blcd is nothing short of an all-around guru. This guy impresses the hell out of me every day and is a very talented individual. He has helped a ton and his expertise in several different areas is incredible. He is a tremendously important asset to this team and is always helping spread the knowledge he has accumulated. He has especially helped on the networking side of things with the server and dealing with the connection issues, the queue, and server stability. Not only limited to networking, he has put in a ton of work helping us to review code, point out performance issues, and come up with alternate implementation strategies. Everyone owes him extra thanks for the work he has done improving the performance of our client. Jay Taylor Jay has added a certain uniqueness to the server. You may or may not notice little additions around the map courtesy of Jay, but believe me there are a lot of them and they help to improve the immersion. Beyond that, he has added completely new custom interiors, ped models, and assets to the server that will be welcomed by all. Most importantly, we will finally have variety in our cop force due to Jays work. Jay has helped with testing, providing design ideas, and made significant contributions to the handling file. He is a fantastic addition to our team. Jedi Jedi is one of the longest standing members of the developer’s team. Jedi has done a lot on the development side, especially with jobs and did work in the initial stages of the current build. The civilian workforce owes a lot of credit to him as he has touched pretty much every job available to them in some way or another. He takes a very detailed oriented approach to his tasks and it’s visible in jobs like taxi if you pay close enough attention. Real life has kept him away the past couple months, but we hope to see him back very soon. KarashiGensai Karashi is a silent assassin, you may not see or hear from him much, but he will surprise the hell out of you when he appears. Karashi works primarily in development and has a hand in a ton of different pieces. All the shops/stores (clothing, car customization, Ammunation, black-market, etc.) are pretty much using his work in some way or another. That is only a small part of his overall contribution as he is always willing to help someone else or take on a task that needs to be finished or reworked. He has played a key role in making sure the items required for playable were completed, functional, and bug free which is much appreciated. Lily Lily has been here from the start designing many of the graphics and banners you've seen related to TFRP, the official logo, and icon. Beyond that, she has played an influential role in shaping the server functionality and helping with implementation design since the beginning. She always delivers quality work, is extremely versatile, and is a true team player. The login screen, spawn selection, and much more are courtesy of Lily and she is always happy to help add amazing graphics to our work to help brighten them up and add a new level to their immersion. Mandie Mandie is reliable, creative, innovative, and has a magnificent work ethic. She isn't afraid to take on bigger tasks and deliver results. LEOs need to all take a second out of their day to send her special thanks because she is responsible for the impressive MDT. She worked tirelessly to ensure the emergency services were taken care of. I don't think I've ever seen her stressed or nervous either, always calm and methodically working through issues that arise. She has worked on a lot of different areas aside from the MDT and has made great contributions everywhere. Testing, developing new features, fixing old bugs - she does it all and consistently delivers quality work. She is a very talented developer that we are lucky to have working with us. Mooshe Mooshe has put his blood, sweat, and possibly tears into this project. That’s no exaggeration. He is exceedingly creative and always impresses me with his ideas and implementations. I can't even begin to quantify his contributions to the team. He has single handily implemented numerous large features and significantly contributed to so many others that I might run out of space if I tried to list them all. Inventory, ammo, storage, dropping weapons, tons of police work, binoculars, street peddling, and so much more are all credit to Mooshe. I really can't say enough about Mooshe, he has been critical to the success of this project and pleasure to work with and talk to. This guy deserves all the love you can send his way. He has seriously put this community above himself and really poured his heart into finishing the initial release of this project. MsQuerade He can best be described as the keystone to this project. He is, along with Jedi, the longest standing member on the development team. MsQuerade is nothing short of a expert game developer and we are extremely lucky to have him work alongside us. He has extensive game development knowledge and experience that is invaluable. All his implementations are of professional quality and I'll often find myself with my mouth wide open in amazement after seeing his work. His contributions have been extremely important in all areas, including: character design, weather manipulation, and the general base foundation of the client and server. He is another developer that has worked on so many aspects of this server that I would run out of space long before I could finish listing his contributions. Beyond that, he is a great person and an extremely valued member of this community. We are lucky to have him here and I can't thank him enough. PirateCat Pirate is full of energy and always willing to help. She has stepped up and contributed since the first day she joined the team. She has done a substantial amount of work finding and fixing various bugs that will surely improve everyone’s gameplay. Also, a phenomenal artist, her contributions go beyond just development as she is responsible for the player guidebook and a few other in-game graphics that go along with her Marijuana Trafficking job. She takes a detail oriented approach to all things and has put in a significant amount of time planning the economy and other aspects of the TFRP Universe. This attention to detail will also surely be seen in the MJ job, but no spoilers - enjoy it in-game and send her some thanks. RiC0_MD RiC0 has helped improve the security and performance of the server since the day he joined. He will use terms in our developer chat that leave me cross eyed and confused. He is constantly working and helping to educate the rest of us with issues he is resolving and the improvements that will come about. A very talented and intelligent individual that has worked tirelessly to help the community. He is responsible for the slick launcher we are lucky to have. The launcher opens a lot of doors in the future in terms of what we can with the FiveM client and everyone will benefit from this. Also like blade, he has helped on client development with code reviews and implementation ideas. Like everyone else on the team, he delivers top notch work and is a great person to work with. -Credits- Concept Development Bucky Savage Blcd ClassyPax Coffeelot Eli Thompson FinKone Hazard ITZ_A_BERRRRR Jay Taylor Jedi KarashiGensai KatieRouu Lily LSG Mandie Mints Mooshe MsQuerade PentaHearth PirateCat PMSProxy Pydrex RiC0_MD Thadrius Timmac Timothy Dexter Wish Programming Blcd Jedi KarashiGensai Mandie Mooshe MsQuerade PirateCat Timothy Dexter RiC0_MD Special thanks to Lt. Caine for Luxart Graphic Design Lily Mandie PirateCat Assets and Interiors Jay Taylor Iconography Lily Testers A special thanks to all testers who helped us the past few months. Especially Hazard, who was always available when someone needed to test a new feature or get feedback regarding anything. Many of them committed a lot of time to helping us and deserve our appreciation. They all played a very important role and a lot of bugs were fixed due to their efforts during testing. As developers, we can’t thank you enough for helping us to deliver this release. BFLY Bucky ChiefDas Classypax Faffle Five0Anth0 Ghillie GloryD Gotshadow Harry Hazard ImmortalLive JmxTwiztid John782 Kithicor Kool Kat Zim LSG Mints NorwegianGuy PentaHearth Roxas1337 Saffy Sarapocalypse Sautter SHP SirCoffeestain SnipeShowTV Spectral Spontainy Timmac Vtrich Whogotasprite Wizard Xiceman Zaquelle