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  1. 0.1.3b

    General: Add vehicle transfer commands to the Guidebook. Fixed issue with the MP ped models missing components. Fixed issue with pink screen on loading the client. Fixed issue with instancing in Street Dreams where only the driver is in the interior. Fixed issue with Burglaries where duplicating boxes was possible. Fixed issue with Gunshot Residue not working properly. Fixed issue with the Nightstick and Bottle in the inventory.
  2. 0.1.3

    General: Add custom MP ped models. (If you have a duty belt or holster when you spawn in, go to the clothing store to change.) Add more custom walking styles. Add boat shop. Boats will be transferred to the docks. Add accessible boat docks to Sandy Shores and Catfish View. Add the ability to fuel boats. Add pump to Los Santos Docks. Add vehicle transferring between players. Go to Vehicle Transfers on the map, and type /pinkslip transfer [LicenseID] to initiate the transfer. Transfers cost $200. Add menu which will serve for savable user settings. Add adjustable chat font size. Add ability to toggle player markers. Add indicator for players texting. Add 4-hour Day/Night Cycle. Each hour in-game is equivalent to 10 minutes IRL. Add syncing of in-game time with server time. This ensures it will be the same time of day in-game at the time of day IRL each day. Add /kidnap which allows you to store people/animals in trunks. You can do so by using /kidnap while the trunk is open and the victim is ragdoll/dead/hands are up. (NOTE: It is against the rules to use this for griefing or executing other players while they are in the trunk.) Fix issue where vehicle doors did not sync and sometimes you couldn't open doors outside of the vehicle. Fix issue with duty syncing. Fix issue with charging the incorrect amount of money when there's no cops/EMS on. Fix issue where you can hear random people in/out of Business interiors. Fix issue where vehicles spawn on top of each other in Legion Square, causing mayhem and destruction. Fix issue where chat filters were not properly loading. LEO/EMS: Add blip for 10-13P Alerts. Add savable Uniforms: Add ability for EMS to use impound Add ability for EMS to see number of tows on duty Add ability to use /bac command at the hospital Police: /loadout or /duty ([0]) ([swat]) ([off]) ([skin] [number 1 - 9]) ([preset] [0 to 3]) ([save] [1 to 3]) 0 - Restock gun loadout gear swat - restock swat gun loadout gear off - change back to original ped - the one you spawn in as skin [1 -9] - changed to police ped model preset [0 - 3] - change to your saved preset skins save [1 - 3] - save current clothes to index number EMS: /loadout or /duty ([off]) ([preset] [0 to 3]) ([save] [1 to 3]) off - change back to original ped - the one you spawn in as preset [0 - 3] - change to your saved preset skins save [1 - 3] - save current clothes to index number Fix Probation Flag
  3. 0.1.2

    General: Add probation system. /probation while on probation to check time remaining Add a gate manager which has customizable control over gates/doors Add Blue's Booze Processing and Delivery Add /anonad which charges $100 for an anonymous advertisement Add new emotes Add props to various animations such as consumption of items and emotes Add Nautical GPS item purchasable at the Hardware Store. Provides Latitude, Longitude, Bearing, and Depth Fix issue where players triggered Aggravated Assault Calls as witnesses Fix fivem server crash during a large queue Adjust a lot of emotes to be accessible to both genders now Adjust courthouse proximity and interaction menu Adjust emote keybinds to now depend on the character. This will reset all your current emote keybinds Adjust the queue for optimization Vehicle: Add more custom vehicles Add more vehicles to dealerships Add /anchor command for boats Add inventories to a couple of vehicles missing inventories Fix issue with custom model vehicles not being spawned in when purchased or from garage Police/EMS: Add probation system Add more locks around the Police Department Add /duty off to change back to your civ clothes Add ambulance2 to vehicle pool for EMS Fix health amount via /revive when executed by LEO Fix issue where police cannot store/drop weapons in their inventories Fix issue with 911 and 311 calls not showing up/being able to respond *Note: Don't make a bug report about emote props disappearing, this is gta as far as we know.
  4. 0.1.1

    General Add new warp points Add more interiors Add screen print purchases to clothing stores Add premium haircut to Rockford Hills stylist Add tattoo shops Add more custom ped models Add "opt-out" feature for reserved/priority in queue Add an indicator for when you are the network host (a crown is shown when HOME key is pressed) Fix issue with weapon wheel not being available on login Fix issue where when you join the server, you fall out of the sky and take damage Fix issue where if you get downed by a mountain lion, you don't get the countdown timer Fix issue with the uptime in the HOME key overlay not displaying the time correctly Fix issue with sprite offset in character selection which showed buttons on the site Fix issue where if you had damaged windows/headlights, it did not give you an option to repair. Fix issue with unreserved slot counts not calculating properly Fix issue with reversed slots are in some cases still held when the player disconnects and is removed from the player list Police: Added Heli spawn option to interaction menu at helipads. /air, /heli, /helicopter For information about the new hairstyles, screen prints, and tattoos check out this post:
  5. 0.1.0

    General: Towing is now a public job Add indicator for when you're out of stamina (Health bar will start flashing red). Add /hat and /hat off command Add /glasses and /glasses off command Add /mask and /mask off command Add two auto repair locations that can fit a bus or tow truck (Sandy Shores & Airport Location) Add auto-repair location to bus depot and tow truck spawn Add two more hardware stores Add custom blip for court house Adjust camera in the clothing store Adjust max character slots to 10 Adjust stamina threshold for controls Adjust position of interaction menu Adjust brake lights to turn on automatically at ~20MPH Fix issue where the Cassidy Trail Creek and Zancudo River had spots where the water did not load Fix /transfer not warning if you don't have enough money Fix issue where people with low quality computers don't load their ped model fast enough Fix issue where /emotes could not be done in a vehicle Fix issue where players would pull out their weapon when someone else pulls out a similar weapon Fix issue where melee attacks wouldn't work in a combat stance Fix issue where the health bar would display negative or more than maximum health Fix issue where downed players could not be robbed Fix issue where you could take a job vehicle without having sufficient amount of money Fix issue where you could not pull multiple items using the inventory index (i.e. /take [index] [quantity]) Remove stamina dependency for melee attacks Vehicles: Add Sandy Shores garage Adjust the position of the paleto garage Fix issue in Customs Shop where previewed customizations would not revert on exiting menu Fix issue where purchase vehicle spawns at the wrong dealership (for realsies this time) Fix issue where closing the vehicle store menu during purchasing preventing the vehicle to spawn LEO: Add search by license ID on MDT Add "write a record" button to MDT Add /duty 0 and /loadout 0 Add /glasses [number 0 to 4] Changed sort active warrants by name Add feature where vehicles spawn with full tank of gas
  6. 0.0.9

    General: Added ATMs (withdrawals only; daily limit implemented). Added mechanic where jumping is now dependent on stamina. Added mechanic where melee is now dependent on stamina. Added animation for peddling drugs. Added tools to hardware store; removed tools from Ammunation. Added /allowentry [netID] and /denyentry [netID] grant/revoke temporary access to warps (Net ID viewable w/ HOME key). Adjust respawn timer for when emergency services are on duty. Fixed bug with spam punching. Fixed bug with taxi where an AI customer will spawn in a very awkward position. Fixed issue with taxi having the destination blip disappear when you leave the vehicle. Fixed issue with game treating you as being escorted after being revived. Fixed issue with First-person POV while crouching. Fixed issue with items magically disappearing from your inventory. Fixed issue with inventory overlap conflicts for temporary/permanent vehicles. Vehicles: Added feature where your vehicles restore in your garage after some time of being logged out. Added Panto and Nightshade to vehicle dealership. Adjusted vehicle repair logic. Fixed issue with engine being turned off but automatically being turned on upon exit if F is not held down. Fixed issue with not being able to store in the trunk of a newly purchased vehicle. Fixed issue where impounded vehicles did not show in impound lot. Fixed issue with purchased vehicles spawning in the wrong store. Police/EMS: Added /forceentry for cops to gain entrance to a warp-based interior. Added vehicle inventory capacities to police vehicles. Fixed issue with attempting to escort people in vehicles. Fixed felony convictions.
  7. 0.0.8

    General: Added new visuals for SMS texting Added interaction menu items for Weazel News job Added message to tell new users to use /guide upon character creation Added camera view in Barber Shop so menu is not in the way Player equips weapons when they retrieve them from storage Player equips weapons when they pick them up from ground On login player equips large weapons that can only be stored on their back or not at all On weapon purchase player equips large weapons that can only be stored on their back or not at all Disable auto stash when getting inside of a vehicle w/ a weapon that cannot be concealed, weapon remains in hand Added menu commands for taxi job /taxionbreak to stop receiving AI calls /taxionduty to continue receiving AI calls /denyfare to reject an AI call and get a new one Reverted Mooshe's bad attempt to make the AI less stupid (: Fix purchase price being displayed wrong in chat for vehicle customization Fix issue with binoculars causing issues with the camera Fix default vehicle storage capacities not loading properly Fix issue where helicopters and bikes were stalling Fix issue with dead players standing up when no longer being escorted Police/EMS/Therapists: Added Police helicopter camera Added Parsons Rehabilitation Center Added "Hold Radio" animation keybind to the grave (`) key Added minor modifications to female EMS model Changed /me for police/ems to abbreviate first name and display last name (i.e. "L. Rogers")
  8. 0.0.7

    General: Added 30+ Emotes Added new emotes to the Interaction Menu Added ability to walk with some of the emotes Added Barber shops Added buff to chop shop Added weazel news job (for real this time) Added /endcall for Taxis, which will cancel the AI call for pickup of taxi Added respawn cost to text display after the timer is done Added more ped models Fixed issue where when you die in a vehicle, you're no longer invisible Fixed issue where when you die in a vehicle, you don't appear dead somewhere else if the car has driven away Fixed issue where the horn would honk in an infinite loop for as long as you remain dead in a vehicle Fixed issue with syncing the position of a dead player Fixed issue with players being counted as witnesses in Shots Fired CAD Alerts Fixed issue with vehicle dealerships spawning the purchased vehicle at the one off of Elgin/Apple Fixed issue with the queue which allowed multiple people to connect to the same reserved slot Fixed issue with the queue which would not hold the grace period for people using a reserved slot Economy: Adjusted welfare Adjusted paychecks for Police, EMS, and Therapists
  9. 0.0.6

    General: Added Weazel News job (Inspired by reporting legends Sylvester McGaffey & Mort Pennywhistle) /getnewsequip cam|mic to retrieve equipment from back of a news van /storenewsequip to store equipment in back of a news van /uploadnewsreport while in a news van to upload contents and get paid w/ microphone equipped: Alt + Context (E) to toggle microphone up to player face on air Alt + SwitchUnarmed (1 number key) to toggle interview on air w/ camera equipped: Alt + Context (E) to toggle camera on shoulder Alt + SwitchUnarmed (1 number key) to toggle live on air Player records data when they are on the air with the mic or the cam. Players can then upload this data from inside their work vehicle for payment from Weazel news. Added conditions to disable seeing warps without required permissions Fixed issue with "undefined" message showing up in chat Fixed issue with filtered messages causing chat to unhide, even if they're hidden Fixed issue with stance blocking logic Tweaked aspect ratios for HUD offset Tweaked wages for certain jobs Tweaked /text to now reply to the last number if no number is specified Tweaked AI Driving again; now with 30% less stupidity! Tweaked criminal elements Vehicles: Added new car dealerships with specialized vehicles Added new purchasable cars Tweaked various vehicle handling Fixed lighting on civilian replacement vehicles Fixed players being frozen when attempting to unlock a parked vehicle from the driver side Fixed issue with the vehicle lock not syncing properly LEO/EMS: Fixed issue where LEO could not slimjim into civilian vehicles Fixed issue with escorting freezing the game while doing an emote Fixed issue with trying to escort people in vehicles
  10. 0.0.5

    General: Added 30+ new emotes Added flying through your windshield on high impact crashes Added /belt, which now allows you to put on your seatbelt and prevents you from being flung out/leaving your car (also prevents pulling a Bayo) Added fix for not stopping workout when injured Added aliases: /refreshinventory - /reinv, /refinv, /refreshinv /setpaymenttype- /paywith, /setmoneytype /breathalyzer - /pbt /use - /eat, /drink /belt - /seatbelt, /stay Moved 2 of the 3 fishing spots to more realistic areas Fixed the AI driving horribly LEO: Added stealth mode for cops to automatically disable brake lights during night when headlights are off LEO weapon stash now defaults to whatever weapon in their hands when they enter the vehicle Remove flare gun from loadout Update LEO 10 code labels Added warp point to enter prison for state employees Removed criminal blips from map for LEO
  11. 0.0.4

    General: Added /tweet Added /filter [twitter/help]- Used to hide/show certain message types in chat, and saves your settings. Fixed issue with AFK Kicker not working in a certain area Changed /ad price and cooldown Changed the respawn cost for when there is no EMS/Police on duty Added custom ped models (Credits to @Dustin Slane, what a nice guy!) Economy: Adjusted income from Taxi and Delivery Reduced current State Debt by 50% Compensated everyone $8,000 for accruement of debt Vehicle: Fixed pricing for repairs on business rental vehicles Fixed Vehicle Inventory Capacities Added Security Deposits to business rental vehicles Removed business rental vehicle inventories Police: Fixed /tows to actually show who's on duty to tow Fixed issue where arrested players wouldn't be uncuffed Added message to Frisk and Search when the target has nothing in their inventory Fixed Frisk and Search displaying items the person no longer has. Added /givemehair for police to work around a bug w/ hair not loading properly Disabled removing cash upon arrest
  12. 0.0.3

    General: Add therapist sign in/off location to clinic Fix issue with using a car w/ no capacity in marijuana distribution /engine can be used to toggle engine state now Tweak player markers Fix issue with weather syncing Fix headlights always being on Tweaked carjacking rates Police: Sirens now work (For realsies this time) Add money displayed on search command for police Fix issue with cell doors locks not syncing Add lockable door to sandy shores PD Fix /tows not showing people on-duty from Street Dreams