Endorsed Whitelisted
Sys Admin
Jun 11, 2017
  • Allow combination emotes. Do a full body emote first, then a upper body emote second.
  • Added a way to search for upper body emotes. Do /emotes upper, /e upper, /emotes upperbody, or /e uppderbody to see the full list.
  • Allow upper body emotes on a horse or a wagon
  • Improve animation cancelling
  • Fix letters being inaccessible when you've filled all your inventory slots
  • Added crafted torches
  • Added "firewood" item that is now used to create camp fires instead of "wood" item
  • Firewood is crafted by breaking down "wood" item
  • Fixed herb not being able to be picked after an attempt with a full inventory
  • Updated inventory arrow and biscuit image
  • Fix camp fire unable to be extinguished
  • Lower the size of: lantern, binoculars, lasso, fishing rod, hatchet, & knife
  • Fix up some issues with the hatchet. If you do not see it in your weapon wheel, right click in your inventory and use it.

  • Fix issues with using sell-all feature at stores where items reappear after logout
  • Added firewood to general shop. Stock is only replenished by players selling firewood to the shop.
  • Add purchasable rocks to general store. Stock is only replenished by players selling rocks to the store.
  • Allow selling of hatchets at the wood cutting place

  • Fixed issue with horse not disappearing when selling to the Glue Factory if you have more than 1 horse out.

  • Fixed issue where you can rob the bank even if there is no robbable amount