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Jul 11, 2017
  • Fines/Times have been reduced and updated in the launcher.
  • Fixed issues with pawn shop not selling the right item. It should work as expected now.
  • Optimized the state license ID display on the HUD.
  • Optimized inventory actions by 35%.
  • Moved the Black Market Weapon Shop for Public/Classic into a custom interior that anyone can hold down. The interior is also on WL, but has no functionality tied to it.
  • Add ability to rebind Shift+(F1-F7) with /rebind [SF1-7] [emote] for emote keybinds.
  • Welfare check will now first go towards paying off state debt before going into your bank account.
  • Disable state debt checks for vehicle transfers, vehicle purchases, property transfers and business starting.
  • Disable seat shuffling. You will now stay in the seat you choose when you get in a vehicle. You can override this by re-entering the vehicle.
  • Disable putting on random helmets when on a bike.
  • Disable the AFK cinematic camera.

  • The Black Market will no longer show on your map on Public/Classic.

Real Estate:
  • Add appointment system that pings the real estate discord for an appointment (please don't use emojis)
  • Add blip for appointment location
  • Please make an appointment at the real estate building now instead of posting in classifieds!

  • Increase air time counter to be more forgiving of people driving fast over hills
  • Tick the physics tracker less often and at higher speeds so you don't get an offroad damage penalty as quickly
  • Increase trailer damage threshold to be more forgiving on small bumps
  • Reduce damage penalty by roughly 25%
  • Add reasons to damage popups so the driver knows why damage was applied
  • Add gun metal delivery
  • Make delivery pickups more responsive
  • Decrease resting time by 20 minutes and increase driving time by 20 minutes
  • Increase truck despawn radius (if you go too far away the company takes the truck back)
  • Hopefully improve offroad detection to prevent damage on sand roads and the like
  • Change log transport name and goods to say planks because that's what you're transporting
  • Fix wine transport end marker being invisible
  • Fix cars not being put on the exotic cars trailer
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