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Sys Admin
Jul 11, 2017
OneSync (WL Only):
  • Add OneSync to the Whitelist server. 48 slots are opened initially, and as we monitor the stability of the server, we will increase it gradually over time.
  • Add custom voip solution:
    • The system will automatically use your GTA settings for input/output devices.
    • If you find the devices are incorrect, or are having voip issues, use command /audio
    • This system also introduces positional stereo audio, meaning if someone is to your left, you'll hear them in your left ear.
    • With the positional audio, phone calls and handheld radios will be dominantly heard through the right ear.
    • Here is a guide by Dustin Slane (the developer behind the VoIP system) to the new system: OneSync VoIP 101
    • Credits to ImagicTheCat for reference as a starting point for our WebRTC VoIP system
  • Due to a bug found an hour before this update is live, kevlar vests (both LEO loadouts and usable items) are disabled temporarily due to desync until it's fixed in OneSync.
  • Add ability to use scenes on the public server. Keep in mind that scenes fall under the same rules as /me does.
  • Add ability to place scenes on player-owned vehicles (including other player vehicles). These scenes will persist on the vehicle for up to 3 days. Make sure you're facing the vehicle when placing the scene.
  • Adjust interval between placing scenes from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Add notification to HUD for when someone tags you on twitter.
  • Add ability to receive all notifications for twitter. Go into Menu > User Settings > Notify All Tweets to enable.
  • Add ability to scroll twitter using up and down arrow keys.
  • Fix tweets loading in the wrong order. Now, top-most will be the most recent when you log in.
  • Fix the light flickering bug that's plagued our server since the beginning.
  • Fix lights not properly loading in some interiors.
  • Fix lights disappearing in the distance.
  • Fix big rigs not being able to be upgraded.
  • Add Pawn Shop interior on Carson Ave and Brouge Ave.
  • Adjust where the weed farm and dispensaries are located.
  • Fix the weed corkboard not showing up.
  • Decrease the cancel/attack/steal rates for drug sales.
  • Decrease the maximum amount of drugs that can be stolen off of you from a bad drug sale.
  • Increase the amount of money you make from peddling weed.
  • Increase the amount of money you earn from selling weed bricks to dispensaries.

A message from the admins:
The fact that we have more slots does not mean "chatroom" (or "crossarms2") roleplay is okay now. You are still expected to roleplay on this roleplay server. Staff will be watching this very closely.
Cop baiting remains against the rules as well. Purposefully leading cops away from one crime in order to more easily get away with another (i.e. running a "distraction") is not allowed.
As with any major update, there's likely to be some rough edges here and there. Please be patient while we sort everything out!
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