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Jul 11, 2017
  • Add State Identification License as an item which doesn't weigh anything.
    • You can purchase one at the court house for $150.
  • Add ability to /use a state license in order to change the name which shows up in /me and picking up/dropping items.
  • Add Fake State Licenses which you can purchase for $5,000. You can pick them up from the location marked on the mini-map. (WL Only)
    • To get a fake state licenses, first take a picture. Once you've taken a picture, go over to the printer, and fill out the command it prompts you with. After 30 minutes of processing, you can pick it up at the location in the back of the interior.
  • Fix scenes showing up across all instances.
  • Added 3 new emotes:
    • envelope2
    • paperbag
    • threatgun
  • Added Briefcase, Paper Bag, and Manila Envelope Item to store money
  • Renamed Hardware Stores to General Stores
  • Briefcase & Manila Envelope can be found at General Stores
  • Paper Bag can be bought at Convenience Stores & Gas Stores
  • Max Amount of Money for each item:
    • Briefcase: $100,000
    • Envelope: $5,000
    • Paper Bag: $250
  • On /use of briefcase, paper bag, or envelope, player will be prompted when trying to store money. Money will be taken from the item if /use is used on an item with money existing in it.

  • Fix /badge to show the right department.
  • Add ability to /fingerprint people at the police department/hospital in order to get the real identity of someone.
  • You are now required to be within 10 meters of the person you're attempting to /jail
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