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Jul 11, 2017
  • Add Camera and Photo App to phone:
    • You can use the camera app to take selfies, or photos with the front-facing camera.
    • You can pose in selfie mode with different emotes and expressions.
    • You can save up to 20 photos into your library.
    • From the Photos App, you can send photos to friends, share it on twitter, or delete them.
  • Add ability to place persistent objects to the world.
  • Add 149 different types of objects which can be placed, which can be purchased from the pawn shop, electronic store, and general store.
    • In order to remove, press G to pick them up.
  • Drastically improved VoIP performance on OneSync by 98.75% (That's not an exaggeration!)
    • Improved latency and quality of audio
  • Add /visor to toggle visor up/down on helmets or change baseball caps from facing backwards/forwards.
  • Add civilian /bag to drop the bag on your shoulders or to pick it back up.
  • Improved /e sitchair
  • Add shrubbery and trees next to the Los Santos Freeway
  • Update the loading screen for TFRP

  • Businesses are now available on public. A guide on how to manage your business can be found here.
  • The cost of businesses are reduced to $10,000 instead of $25,000.
  • Instead of /business settings, you have to access your business settings from a laptop you can purchase from the electronics store.
  • Add purchasable shops to manage underneath your business:
    • Vehicle Mechanics shops
      • Available at Mirror Park, Sandy Shores, and Paleto Bay
      • Gives 40% discount on repairs and customizations
      • Gives access to the Auto Parts Shop
    • Pawn Shops
      • Available at Carson Ave.
      • Gives 50% discount in the pawn shop store
      • Receive flat rate of 50% of the item worth for selling stolen goods
    • Bars
      • Available at Bahama Mama's, Tequi-La-La, and Yellow Jack Inn
      • Gives 50% discount on alcohol sold at the shop
    • Convenience Stores
      • Available at Innocence 24/7, Little Seoul Ltd, and Richman Glen Ltd
      • Gives 50% discount on items sold at the shop
  • Add storage accessible to everyone to the purchasable shops.
  • Add ability to purchase offices includes outfit changing and private storage from these four locations (more to come):
    • Arcadius Business Center
    • Maze Bank West Office
    • Lombank West Office
    • Maze Bank Tower Downtown
  • Add expenses which will be added in the coming weeks to pre-existing businesses, which will cover operation and property fees on a bi-weekly basis.
  • In order to pay any expenses, you must go to the property or bank and use /business paylease.

  • Add dirty money which you may earn through illegal activities.
  • Add money laundering service.
  • Add smuggling as an illegal activity.
  • Add black market vehicle shop, which can be used to purchase stolen vehicles which needs to be used for smuggling.
  • Add plastic bag, which is used to store dirty money and used for laundering.
  • Fix convenience store robberies to work as intended.
  • Moved weed locations.
  • Drastically changed drug peddling territories.

  • Add 3 new vehicles:
    • Ubermacht Zion Classic
    • Ubermacht Drafter
    • Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire
  • Add after market tires, which allows you to change the traction of your vehicle. This includes:
    • Off-Road (More traction off-road, less on-road)
    • Drag (More traction, less control)
    • Drift (Less traction, more control)
    • Stock (Default)
  • Reduce the degradation rate of your vehicle.
  • Reduce the impact of degradation on your vehicle.
  • Reduce the price of servicing your vehicle at non-player-owned customs shops.
  • Add auto parts shop to the map for licensed mechanics.
  • Add nitrous oxide tanks, which you can install on select vehicles to go faster (by holding down the X key). These are only purchasable by licensed vehicle mechanics at the auto parts shop. There are three types of nitrous oxide tanks:
    • Dry (More power but faster burn)
    • Balanced (Even power to burn ratio)
    • Wet (Less power but slower burn)
  • Add neon underglow light kits to the vehicle customs shop, which can be cycled through with the G key. This includes three modes:
    • Static
    • Pulsate
    • Off
  • Add customizable colored xenon headlights to the vehicle customs shop.
  • Add seatbelt toggle keybind (Shift + G)
  • Modified handling of these vehicles:
    • Vapid Flash GT
    • Vapid GB200
    • Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic
    • Annis Elegy Retro
    • Ocelot Lynx
    • Grotti Stinger GT
    • Pegassi Monroe
    • Karin Futo
    • Dinka Jester

* Note: We are still working on housing. It's a volatile system which requires a lot of thought put into it and we want to make sure it's right. We'll keep you all posted in the future.
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