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Jun 11, 2017
[Smuggling 2]
- Characters can now convert specific player-owned vehicles at a specific location into vehicles that can be used for smuggling. Find out IC how it works and what the consequences are...
- Rework how black market vehicles return for platechecks
- Smuggling routes are now tied to vehicles, not players. This means that you can switch drivers when doing runs, or if your car gets stolen while getting a donut at a 24/7 they can continue/finish your run in that car!
- Improve the smuggling experience ™️
- Vans now work for smuggling
- All route types are now permanently available for smugglers...
- ...because your vehicle type now determines what length routes you can pick
- Double the number of drop off locations
- Add more vanity variety to the stuff smuggled
- And more stuff that isn't in the changelog...

- Voip settings now save ( you'll have to reapply yours ) and are loaded correctly
- Increase bandwith from 24Kb/s to 30Kb/s for that juicy voip
- Increase Whisper Range by 44%
- Increase Normal Range by 25%
- Increase Shouting Range by 39%
- Change command from just /audio to /audio settings or /voip settings or /mic settings
- Add /voip reset to restart your voip
- Your voip location updates more often resulting in less lag while moving your camera

In the future I plan on adding mic boost / speaker boost
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