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Jun 9, 2017
Hello, I know many of you are wondering what TheFamilyRP is, how to play or what is the goal. Below we will attempt to answer some of the key questions you've been asking.

This is a living document, check back once in a while new questions and answers may have been added or changed!

Q: What is the Family RP?

The Family RP started as a collection of like-minded individuals who found each other in GTA RP and became a close-knit group of friends. We endeavoured to start from scratch and make something of our own - a place we could call home and a place where we could emphasise our own priorities: like "Family First" and "We not Me".

The servers right now mainly focus around GTA RP but this can expand into a wide range of games and genres as we grow.

Q: How do I join the server?

We now have a public server, you can join this by accepting the terms here and also linking your Discord/Steam then follow the instructions in the public area

Q: Where can I find the rules and laws?

You can find all of the Rules / Laws here >

Q: How can I help/donate?

Firstly thanks! We appreciate you wanting to support our creative vision and the community we've got around it. Donations firstly we only accept once per month to hit our goal of funding the services required to host this environment, we will never accept more than we need to stop the countless times communities raise thousands of dollars and just vanish into the thin air. We're a community for purely enjoyment and not profit.

If you wish to help in a non-monetary way, just being active and supporting us as well as being a part of the strong community on twitch is a huge help. If you're a developer and want to help, PM an admin with your portfolio. Staff positions are currently closed.

Q: How is TheFamilyRP run?

The Family RP is in the sense ran like a family, we have the figure heads and the final decision makers who're the Admins, we have the council who discusses things like new ideas/features, whitelisting, and many other things. Then we have the Family role which is people who're apart of the core user base, the guys you see on stream and in game who've made the GTA RP experience what it is.

Our development team is a huge part of the family, they work closely with the community but don't work for "somebody". They're free to code and follow there creative minds and implement the features shaped around the communities vision.
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