Definition of Roles

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Nov 5, 2018
Definition of Roles

Developers are the architects of the server. The current expectations of Developers are:
  • Developing mechanics - The devs work on new and existing mechanics to help assist with the roleplay
  • Bug and exploit fixes - Devs actively work on fixing any and all bugs / exploits reported via the forums and Discord
  • Maintain the health of the server - Devs have around the clock coverage of the servers to ensure they’re kept running healthy and avoid any long periods of downtime
  • Initiate and be involved in discussion - anything you feel will affect the community, big or small, the developers are encouraged to be involved in those discussions so we can see it from the developers point of view

Moderators are the bridge between the community and the admins. They are tasked with enforcing community rules and values. Their primary goal is to resolve incidents quickly and cleanly according to the guidelines set forth in the rules, and assist Admins in handling more complicated situations:
  • Basic Moderation - A Moderator’s primary role is to keep track of player behavior and step in where necessary to take action against rule violations.
  • Player Reports - Moderators are the first to respond to requests for player mediation and to facilitate the investigation of player reports, ensuring appropriate responses are made for violations of rules in the best interests of the community.
  • WL Applications - Vetting Applicants is one of the primary moderator duties. Reviewing Applications placed by the Public to determine if they are WL eligible and then spectating their performance on WL so that they can be brought up to Newcomer is a key part of the job. This duty also includes reviewing WL Recommendations, when they are being received.
  • Ban Appeals - Moderators are asked to put their opinions forward when a Ban Appeal is received
Initiate and be involved in discussion - Moderators are encouraged to initiate and be involved in discussions with Admins and Devs.
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