Player Reports / Appeals Guidelines

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Jun 10, 2017
Player Reports / Appeals Guidelines:

  • Player Reports (

    A player may submit a report against another player via the forums if they feel a server rule has been broken.
  • Once a player report is submitted, only the council and the person who filed the report will be able to view it. A council member will review the validity of the report and respond by either accepting or rejecting it.

    If a report is rejected, it will undergo one final review by the admin team before being dismissed entirely. The reporting party will be notified of the rejection and the reasoning behind it.
  • If a report is accepted, a council member will open the report to be viewed by the reported party so that they can present their side of the situation. The admins will then advise whether mediation will occur or if they have enough information from the report to make a decision.

    The first step of every accepted report is going to be the admin team scheduling a mandated 15-minute minimum voice discussion between both parties, mediated by a council member. Failure to attend or take part in this discussion may have negative effects on the outcome of the report. We’re all adults here and should be able to try to talk things out first.
  • If the report is still active after the discussion between both parties, a council member will assess the situation, summarize the events, and recommend a punishment to the admin team.
  • The admin team will consider both the report and the council members recommendation when making their decision.

    If a report is rejected, admins will provide the reasoning behind the decision to both players and council member.
  • If a report is accepted, a punishment will be applied according to the council members recommendation and several categories as outlined below:

    Reported infraction
  • Previous report history and the amount of time since their last punishment, i.e. is this a recurring problem?
  • General attitude during the player report process

[*]Punishments will range from loss of in-game privileges (job/business) to a temporary or permanent ban – depending on the infraction.

[*]If a report is accepted, admins will provide a summary of the findings to only the involved parties.

  • Appeals

    A player may appeal any punishment that is at least 7 days in length.
  • After receiving a punishment, a player has 1 opportunity to file an appeal. To do so, they must wait a minimum of 72 hours before filing an appeal via the forums. This will allow all parties involved the time to step away from the issue and reflect.
  • An appeal will first be heard and decided by council members. Once a decision has been reached, they will submit their findings to the admin team to either accept or reject.
  • A successful appeal will result in a reduction of the length of the punishment.
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