WL - Classic Server - Rules


Nov 5, 2018
Reminder: WL rules remain in effect

Along with additional changes:

  • Deaths: We’re going to change up how deaths / going down works in the experiment.
    • If someone downs you with the intention to kill you, you are expected to perma
      • For the above to work, the killer must make their intentions known during the interaction. Whether that is the lead up in RP or something mentioned after downing them.
    • If your character perma’s, you must avoid being involved in that same storyline for at least 7 days.
    • Any griefing or RDM will be hit with the same guidelines as Whitelist
    • EMS are able to save a character once during the life of that character if the player chooses to.
  • New Characters Only - This is a completely separate timeline from WL and nothing is shared between the two.
  • LEO/EMS will need to create new characters with new names.
  • There is no DOJ.
  • No whitelisted mechanics other than LEO/EMS.
  • Increased initial cash amount. ($30,000)
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