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Administrative direction

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Hello Everyone,

As per a meeting held last night, we discussed up coming roles and requirements as a member of the administrative team moving forward. As you may well know many of the admins are content creators as well as managing other things and events too. The conversation was held and people who felt they cannot give as much time as they’d like towards the community and issues we face. 

All admins on the team were asked if they feel they have enough time and are still ok of being a member of the admin team.

As of today the following admins have stepped down from their positions;


All of these guy’s still hold the role of council and will input on issues and discussion across the family.

On top of this we held a discussion of who would be a good fit for the role of administration and has time to input on issues/development as we proceed. We would like to welcome LawDog to the team!

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